The WellRing in the air is a unique piece of furniture. Or maybe it is an art object. It depends on the viewer.

In search of the perfect dimensions I spent several years sculpting the chair, arriving now in the iconic form.

The WellRing lounge chair has arch frames made of distinctive oval polished stainless 316 steel tubing. One arch is laying at the floor and an other is standing up.

There is an integrated hook for connecting the hanging chair with a support wire. The position of this hook has carefully studied keeping security in mind.

The chair frame is made from carbon fibre with kevlar reinforcements or polished stainless 316 steel. This combination is an excellent choice regarding the stiffness and weight.

The seat and the back are created from one piece of form-pressed birch plywood. Leather upholstery with PU foam padding. Luxurious leather upholstery options include reindeer and other high quality skins and is available in a choice of colours. The diameter and the width of the lounge chair is the result of several years of experimentation.

The fluidity of the design creates a smooth, comfortable place to sit. The result is a lounge chair without straight lines, a lounge chair of exceptional aesthetic appeal. The general appearance is memorable simplicity.

The chair


Unique hovering furniture designs with a Scandinavian feel. Handmade in Finland.

Carbon fiber

Polished stainless 316 steel