Unique hovering furniture designs with a Scandinavian feel. Handmade in Finland.

The Story

It was just a coincidence that Lenita Nurmi got involved designing furniture. 

Says Lenita:


I have many relatives who are famous designers. My fathers creativity was through the roof. Ilkka Salo, my uncle, has drawn a number of exceptional buildings during the years. Kai Salo, also my uncle, designed the Oculus boat in the early seventies. The boat was far a way in the future those days, and still today there exists nothing like it.

I am just an ordinary girl who has been wondering why all the people have such a similar furniture. People with mansions and those living in small apartments. Some buildings where they live are really WOW, but the furniture they have, is not the same.

So I decided to design something different.

My primary concept is Hovering Furniture. In one way or another. Why are there 4 legs on a chair. Or at least three. Why couldn´t you have two or one? Or maybe no legs at all. So I create the Hovering Lounge Chair called The well ring in the air.